Katherine Switzer nos ha contestado

Alumnas de 4º de la ESO enviaron hace unas semanas un correo electrónico a Katherine Switzer, la primera mujer que logró competir en un maratón en 1967, algo que no estaba permitido a las mujeres. La intención de estas alumnas era contar con la  experiencia directa de una persona que luchó por la igualdad de la mujer  en el ámbito del deporte.

Os dejo la respuesta y un enlace sobre su historia.

Felicidades a Coral, Sheila y Katia por su trabajo.


Enlace: La historia de Katherine Switzer

Hello Students!

Thanks so much for asking after my experiences.  Attached is a 2-page article from Elle in Spanish that will help you out and also a list in English of Frequently Asked Questions–these should tell you everything !!
All my best,
Kathrine Switzer


Kathrine (K.V.) Switzer

Athlete, Activist, Speaker
and Author: Marathon WomanRunning & Walking for Women Over 40
Co-Author of 26.2Marathon Stories
On Mon, May 25, 2015 at 1:46 PM, Students <trabajoetica4eso.cfdc@gmail.com> wrote:




interested in your experience

Dear Miss Switzner, we are a group of students from a High School in
Spain who are doing a research about genre equality. We discovered
your achievement and we feel proud of you. Each one of the group
practise a different sport and we think that if you didn’t run the
marathon women won’t be treated in the sport area in the same way of
We would like to know more about your experience so, if you could tell
us about it in an e-mail we will feel greatful.
I look forward your answer. Your fairthfully, the gruop of students.


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